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We believe that web site should be easy to navigate around, and web pages should be simple, functional and load quickly. This web site was designed and built by us. If you would like to discuss a cost-effective development of your site with us, please send an email to design@hollandnumerics.com.

This site includes examples of all the following features:

  • Page hit logging
  • Image designs
  • Searchable page contents
  • Server-side Perl CGI processing
  • Client-side Java class processing
  • Client-side JavaScript processing
  • Cascading style sheets

Our development projects are based around a standard development cycle:

  • Discussion meetings with the client to develop the user requirements and expectations.
  • User sign-off for the development project outline.
  • Presentation of the preliminary design and demonstrations of the basic site prototype for user comments.
  • Discussion meetings with the client to agree implementation phases.
  • User sign-off for the implementation phase plans.
  • Development, followed by user acceptance testing, implementation for stress testing, phase sign-off, and final implementation of each phase.
  • Follow-up reviews, and on-going site maintenance.

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(since 15th May 2000)

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Web Design by Holland Numerics

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