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Prices for Web Pages in the Royston Business Directory

Cost of initial web page setup (+ VAT) Cost of subsequent page updates (+ VAT)
50 per web page 25 for each web page replaced

  • The Royston Business Directory has been setup to provide centralised publicity for all businesses in the town of Royston in Hertfordshire.
  • To be eligible for inclusion in the Royston Business Directory all businesses must have premises inside the town boundaries of Royston. A Royston postal address is not sufficient, as this can include businesses in the surrounding villages in Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.
  • The prices shown above are for page setup and updates only.
  • Page setup costs include the design of your own web page, and the web advertising required to encourage visitors. Your own design and logos can be incorporated into the web page, if requested.
  • Web pages can include any or all of the following features:
    • Business description.
    • Contact details: postal address, phone and fax numbers, email address(es), web address(es).
    • Product lists (NB. changes to products, prices, etc., can be accommodated, but an update charge will be required for each page replaced).
  • There are no page rental charges.

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  1. Web page setup, including 20% VAT (UK+EU):

  2. Web page update, including 20% VAT (UK+EU):

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