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Frequently Asked Questions about SAS Software

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Using SAS/AF Software

Question Answer
While I am running a Frame application, I would like to know where it is came from. Can you get this information? The following SCL code will give you the full 4-level catalog entry name (name) of the Frame application, and then splits this up into the 4 separate levels: Library (lib), Catalog (cat), Entry name (entry) and Entry type (type):
   call send(_frame_, '_GET_NAME_', name);
   call method('sashelp.fsp.parse.scl', 'namediv',
               name, lib, cat, entry, type, rc);
I'm using SAS/AF software version 8.1 and I keep getting the following error message whenever I try to edit a Frame entry, or open the Component View:
ERROR: Could not query the specified values from the registry.
Information about the installation is stored in an installation SAS Registry, which is located in...\CORE\SASINST. There is also a local SAS Registry for local settings stored in each SASUSER folder. There is a known problem with the installation program for SAS software version 8.1, where the Registry is not built if the SETINIT is not installed at the same time as the installation.

There is, however, a program to manually build the SAS Registry, which can be found on the SAS Institute Technical Support web pages. Information of where to obtain this program can be found in a System Note:
SAS System registry updates are not performed by setup application.
Windows users can download a program called RegBld81.exe, which will rebuild the registry.sas7bitm file. Note that it may be necessary to delete the files of the same name from your SASUSER folder.

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