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Frequently Asked Questions about SAS Software

The following Question & Answer List is based on SAS questions received by the author.

Using ODS

Question Answer
How do I use an existing Cascading Style Sheet instead of an ODS style? An existing cascading style sheet (CSS) file can be specified in the ODS HTML statement, e.g.:
	ODS HTML FILE="c:\temp\report.htm"
You can also use ODS to generate that CSS file for you, based on an existing ODS style, e.g.:
	ODS HTML FILE="c:\temp\report.htm"
                 STYLESHEET="stylesheet.css" (URL="stylesheet.css")
How do I tell ODS to save my output in HTML format by default? In SAS version 8 there is a Preference screen with settings available to tell SAS to save all DATA step and PROC output in Listing and/or HTML format:
  1. Click the Tools option,
  2. Click the Options option,
  3. Click the Preferences... option,
  4. Click the Results tab,
  5. For Listing output, check the Create Listing box,
  6. For HTML output, check the Create HTML box, then check the Use WORK folder box or specify the folder to hold the HTML pages using the Browse button, then select the web page style from the Style drop-down list.
  7. If you are expecting to produce very large outputs, it is recommended that you un-check the View results as they are generated box, to minimize performance delays.

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