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Frequently Asked Questions about SAS Software

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Using Enterprise Guide

Question Answer
What SAS components do I need to install on my PC to use Enterprise Guide? On the assumption that you are not thinking of accessing any remote SAS servers, you will only need to license Base SAS on your PC, but will need to make sure that the SAS Integration Technologies libraries are also installed in:
C:\Program Files\SAS Institute\Shared Files\Integration Technologies (for SAS 8.2) or C:\Program Files\SAS\Shared Files\Integration Technologies (for SAS 9).
It is also beneficial to license SAS/GRAPH, SAS/STAT, SAS/ETS and/or SAS/QC, but only if you wish to make use of the corresponding code generating tasks within Enterprise Guide.

Note that access to a remote SAS server will only be possible if the remote SAS server has a license for Base SAS and SAS Integration Technologies.
Which version of Enterprise Guide is included in the SAS Learning Edition?
  • SAS Learning Edition 1.0 includes Enterprise Guide 1.3.
  • SAS Learning Edition 2.0 includes Enterprise Guide 2.0.
  • SAS Learning Edition 3.0 includes Enterprise Guide 3.0.
  • SAS Learning Edition 4.1 includes Enterprise Guide 4.1.

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